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DRO-550 Cases and Accessories

This catagory is specific to the cases and accessories for the new DRO-550.

The DRO-550 is a product of Scott Shumate and ShumaTech and although we offer cases, connecting cables and other accessories for the DRO-550, Wildhorse Innovations is in no way affiliated with the design, production or operation of the DRO-550.  We cannot guaranty compatibility beyond fit and finish of our products with the DRO-550, nor can we offer unpaid support for the DRO-550.  We can offer best effort support for the DRO-550 and/or OpenDRO at the rate of $50.00 per hour.

DRO-350's offered by Wildhorse Innovations carry a full satisfaction guaranty as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

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DRO-350/550 Faceplate DRO-350/550 Faceplate
 Faceplate Features: Constructed of 10 mil clear polyester Polyester is resistant to harsh environments…
Auxiliary Input Cable Auxiliary Input Cable
This 3.5mm stereo cable matches the 3.5mm auxiliary input on the back panel of the DRO-350.  The cable is comprised…
Mini-Din Plug Mini-Din Plug
This 4 pin Mini-Din Plug is included in the QCC-100 External Kit.  It is listed as a seperate item for customers wh…
5.5 x 2.1mm Power Plug 5.5 x 2.1mm Power Plug
Already have a 9vdc power supply but the plug is wrong?  This 5.5 x 2.1mm power plug mates with the power jack on t…
DRO-550/DRO-375 Case - Machined DRO-550/DRO-375 Case - Machined
Hammond 1599HBK Milled specifically for the DRO-550 & DRO-375! Now offered with openings for Mini-USB (iGaging) s…
DRO-550/DRO-375 Internal Cable Kit DRO-550/DRO-375 Internal Cable Kit
A complete set of cables for connecting the DRO-550/DRO-375 Processor board to the rear panel of the Hammond 1599HBK enc…
Hammond 1599HBK Unmachined Case Hammond 1599HBK Unmachined Case
Hammond 1599HBK Fire Resistant Case This is the unmachined version of the DRO-350/DRO-550 case. 8.6 L x 4.3 W x 1.7 H…
Standoff Kit Standoff Kit
Stand Off kit for DRO-350, DPU-550 or DRO-550 mounted in Hammond case.
DRO-550 Internal RS-232 Cable DRO-550 Internal RS-232 Cable
Internal RS-232 cable for DRO-550 board.  3 pin MTA connector to DB-9 female connector.
DRO-550 Accessory Kit DRO-550 Accessory Kit
DRO-550 Accessory Kit This kit consists of everything needed to turn your DRO-550 board as received from ShumaTech into…