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DRO-550 Accessory Kit

DRO-550 Accessory Kit
Product Information

DRO-550 Accessory Kit

This kit consists of everything needed to turn your DRO-550 board as received from ShumaTech into a working DRO.  It includes the Through Hole Components and Enclosure Kit as described at the DRO-550 Bill of Materials page.

PLEASE read all notes below.  They contain not only descriptions of kit contents and options, but also assembly hints.  We also invite you to visit our support page for additional information.

Our Standard kit consists of:

23 - Round switch caps
1 - MTA-100 2 pin header (Power connector, see NOTES below)
4 - MTA-100 3 pin header (Edge/Tach/RS-232 connectors)
5 - MTA-100 4 pin header (Scale Inputs)
5 - 2x2 pin .100 header with shunts (Scale voltage setting)
9 - LED 7-segment, dual digit (Red or Green, see Options below)
5 - LED diffused, 3mm (Red or Green, see Options below)
1 - Tact switch, 6mm, 7mm plunger (Emergency firmware update)
1 - Piezo buzzer (OPTIONAL - see Options below)

1 - Hammond 1599HBK Black Machined Enclosure
3 - 4 Pin MiniDin Scale Connectors
      (NOTE - Additional scale connectors and/or DB-9 scale connectors are available in Options below)
1 - Snap-in DC Power Jack, 2.1mm
3 - Stereo 3.5mm Jack (Edge/Tach/Aux inputs)
1 - DB-9 Female Connector (for RS-232, OPTIONAL, see NOTES and Options below)
1 - Length Heat Shrink Tubing (for assembling internal cables)
1 - Standoff Kit (standoffs, screws, etc.)
1 - AC adapter (OPTIONAL - See Options below)

NOTE 1 - All rear panel connectors are accompanied by wire harnesses with MTA connectors installed.  The purchaser must solder the harnesses to the connectors unless he selects the 'ASSEMBLE CABLES Option below.

NOTE 2 - We offer two power supplies for the DRO-550. One is supplies 9vdc @ 1.0 amps, which is sufficient for the DRO-550 with 3, 1.5vdc "Chinese" scales.  If you are using more than 3 scales, using RS-232, powering an external tachometer or using 5vdc scales we recommend choosing our 12vdc @ 2.0 amp model.


NOTE 4 - Depending upon the scale types used, you may have need of Mini-DIN, DB-9, Mini-USB (iGaging) or another type of scale connector for your kit.  In the options below, you may select the number of Mini-DIN, Mini-USB and/or DB-9 openings (up to 5 total) you want for your case.  We will match your internal scale cables to the type/combination of openings you request.  If you want a different configuration, please include it in the notes area provided during checkout.  If you require a connector other than MiniDIN. Mini-USB and/or DB-9, you may request ZERO scale connector openings be milled into your case.  We will then provide MTA connectors with 6" pigtails attached. You may then connect these to the connector or your choice. PLEASE NOTE THAT Mini-USB CONNECTORS ARE EXTRA COST. SEE OPTIONS BELOW. IF YOU SELECT Mini-USB SCALE OPENINGS WITHOUT SELECTING Mini-USB INTERNAL CABLES, YOUR KIT WILL BE SHIPPED WITH MTA CONNECTORS WITH PIGTAILS FOR YOUR INTERNAL SCALE CABLES.

NOTE 5 - Optional RS-232 Internal Cable includes additional 3 pin MTA-100 connector for board.

NOTE 6 - The ShumaTech BOM calls for 2 MTA-100 2 pin connectors mounted on the board.  The 2nd connector is a 5vdc output.  We do not include it in the standard kit and recommend that it not be installed unless needed.  Mistakenly connecting the power supply to this connector could, and most likely would, damage the DRO-550 board.  If you need this 2nd 2 pin MTA-100 connector, just mention it in the notes section of your order (at check out time) and we will include it at no charge.


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Price: $72.99

Shipping Cost (Continental US Only)
First Item: $8.50  
Each Additional Item : $4.00  

Product Options:
# of DB-9 Scale Openings
# of MiniDIN Scale Openings
# of MiniUSB Scale Openings
Add Buzzer
Add MiniUSB (iGaging) Int Cabl
Add power supply?
Add RS-232 Int Cable?
Add'l Edge/Tach Int. Cable
Add'l Int. Scale Cable
LED Color
Number of Aux/Tach Openings
RS-232 Opening

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