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DRO-350 Complete Kit

DRO-350 Complete Kit
Product Information

The DRO-350 is a three-axis digital read-out (DRO) for import Chinese scales. It is designed to be as capable as commercial DROs but at a lower cost for the metal-working hobbyist or small machine shop.  The DRO-350 is a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, not a complete, commercially manufactured product.  You will receive everything necessary to construct a fully functional DRO head and need only to select the scales to fit your machine.

Concerned that the DRO-350 is "obselete"?  READ THIS.

Release 5 (beta 1) firmware for the DRO-350 is now available. Read about it here. Make your selection below under "Product Options".

The DRO-350 Complete Kit includes everything needed to build a 3 axis DRO-350:

  • Product # DRO350PBK  Processor Board Kit
  • Product # DRO350CSK Case Kit
  • Product # DRO350ICA   Internal Cable Kit
  • Product # DRO350FP    Faceplate (Please refer to the Faceplate description for important information.)
  • PIC MPU Socketed
  • Does not included are external cables or power supply. (Cable components and power supply are found elsewhere in our catalog.)

This kit requires a moderate level of skill in soldering.  The only tools needed for assembly are a phillips and common screwdriver, wire cutters, solder and a soldering iron (25w or temperature controlled with a fine tip is recommended).

Caution - This kit contains static sensitive items.  Follow accepted static prevention practices when handling.

Caution - This assembly contains static sensitive items.  Follow accepted static prevention practices when handling. 

Be sure to read Scott's comments on soldering located on the Construction page of the ShumaTech web site

HINT:  Whether you use rosin core solder or water-soluble flux core solder, your board should be cleaned when completed to remove any remnents of flux which remain on the board, you should clean the board after all parts on the components side of the board are installed.  This is before you install the 7 segment LEDs, the indication LEDs or the switches. 

There are two reasons for this: 

  1. Portions of the solder side on the board will be covered by the LEDs and switches after they are installed. 
  2. By cleaning the board without these items installed, you eliminate any chance of damaging them during the cleaning process. 

After the LEDs and switches are installed, you can carefully clean the flux from the solder joints for these components on the component side of the board.

Check with your solder manufacturer's web site for information on what cleaners should be used with your solder.

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Price: $119.95

Shipping Cost (Continental US Only)
First Item: $8.00  
Each Additional Item : $3.00  

Product Options:
Add power supply?
Add QCC-100?
Firmware Revision
Lathe, Mill or DPU-550
Shipping outside USA?

Product Code: DRO350CK
Reviews / Comments
Comment: Great Value
"When I posted my review I did't even see the rating box above and I guess two stars got accidentally submitted with the review. I am happy enough with the finished unit to give it five stars based on operation but I guess four stars would be more appropriate because of it needing the two mods to work as it does, but it absolutely rates more than two stars."
Jun 18 2011, 18:56 PMby William Stietenroth

Great Value
"I purchased the DRO-350 in kit form.I purchased all three axis Chinese scales and the cables for the scales. The assembly instructions are adequate for someone who has some kit building experience. You do need internet access to find all the instructions and build information. There were two wrong ICs in the kit but Wildhorse replaced them immediately when I notified them. The DRO came on and worked as specified when I powered it up. With the filters set to default 12 there was no scale jitter. There are a couple of modifications to the scale circuit that will let you set the filters down to 3 and maybe less, and still be rock solid. With the filters set lower, the read out responds to scale movement faster. The mods include adding a ground wire to the scale power supply circuit and adding 3 noise filter resistor and capacitors to the clock line to the scales. With these two modifications the DRO display is rock solid. Glass scales couldn't do better. I am very happy with my decision to buy the DRO-350 from Wildhorse Innovations. It was fun to build and it works perfectly."
Jun 12 2011, 12:16 PMby William Stietenroth