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DRO-350 Processor Board Repair

DRO-350 Processor Board Repair
Product Information

Release 5 (beta 1) firmware for the DRO-350 is now available. Read about it here.

While repairing your board, we can also install whatever version of the firmware you wish.  Please make your selection below under "Product Options".

If your microprocessor is currently soldered in place, we will remove it, install a socket and new microprocessor with the firmware of your choice.  Make your selection below under "Product Options".

We will repair any DRO-350 processor board at a flat rate.

You ship your processor board to us (no need to pay up front).  If your processor board is repairable, we will repair it and notify you that it is ready to ship.  At that time, order and pay for this item (DRO-350 Repair) and once we have received your funds, we will return your repaired processor board.

All repaired processor boards have a 10 day DOA policy.  If your repaired processor board fails within 10 days (except for causes listed below under "NON-REPAIRABLE BOARDS"), we will repair if at no additional charge AND pay the shipping charges both ways.

If your processor board is deemed to be Non-Repairable, the reasons for it being deemed Non-Repairable will be explained to you.  Your board will be returned to you upon receipt of the return shipping costs ($10.00 as of May 1, 2009).

EXCHANGE PROGRAM - Select "YES" to the "LOANER BOARD" option below and we will send you a replacement Loaner Processor Board to use while your's is being repaired.  You will be charged the cost of a NEW assembled and tested DRO-350 processor board.  We will immediately ship you a assembled and tested DRO-350 processor board.  (Repair and Loaner Board charges must be paid before a Loaner Board will be shipped.)

Upon receiving your processor board, it will be examined and if repairable, you will be notified.  At that time you will be given the option of keeping the new processor board and receiving a refund of $50.00.  Or you may choose to have us return your repaired processor board.  Upon receipt of the repaired board you will return our Loaner Board.  When we have received the Loaner Board, we will refund $75.00 to you. You will have paid $75.00 for the repair of your board and $20.00 for the use of the loaner board, for a total of $95.00.

Loaner boards must be returned in good working order.  If upon receipt of the loaner board, we find it to be damaged by other than normal use, you will keep your repaired board, we will keep the non-functioning Loaner Board, and no refund will be issued.

NON-REPAIRABLE BOARDS - Causes for a board to be deemed NON-REPAIRABLE can include;

  • Physical damage
  • Application of excessive voltage
  • Damage by water or other liquids
  • Operation in an environment of excess heat
  • Installation of improper components
  • Incorrect installation of components
  • Application of excessive heat during the construction of the board kit
  • Repairs or modifications performed by a party other than Wildhorse Innovations

This list is intended to be representative and does not contain all circumstances under which a board can be found to be Non-Repairable.

Inclusion in this list does not automatically cause a board to be deemed Un-Repairable.  Wildhorse Innovations will always make a good faith effort to effect repairs when possible and practical.

Determination of a board being Non-Repairable will be at the sole discretion of Wildhorse Innovations.  If a processor board is found to be Non-Repairable, Wildhorse Innovations will provide the reasons for the processor board being deemed Non-Repairable.


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Price: $75.00

Shipping Cost (Continental US Only)
First Item: $8.00  
Each Additional Item : $3.00  

Product Options:
Firmware Revision
Lathe, Mill or DPU-550
Loaner Board
Socket Microprocessor?

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