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Taig Mini-Mill Y Axis Extension

Taig Mini-Mill Y Axis Extension
Product Information

5-1/2" to 6-1/4"

Also extends the spindle to column distance by 3/4"

The Taig Mini-Mill is an excellent table top unit. But have you ever wanted just a bit more Y-Axis travel?

This easy to install kit will expand the working envelope by extending the Y-Axis travel to 6-1/4". No longer do you need to "flip" a piece to get a last cut that is 1/2" outside the stock Y-Axis travel distance.


Taig has begun to ship their mills with a spindle mounting plate (the dovetail plate to which the spindle is attached) with 8 mounting holes instead of 6.  Please be sure to specify how many holes you need in your spindle mounting plate extension.

Determining whether you need the 6 hole or the 8 hole version of this kit.

Why can this work?

The Taig Mini-Mill has over 1" extra travel on the Y Lead Screw. But the bracket on the Y-Axis bearing mount prevents this additional travel from being used.  Since the stock Y-Axis travel is limited to 5-1/2", Taig has positioned the spindle to use only this distance.  Extending the Y-Axis travel is of little value if the cutting tool cannot reach to the edge of any additional travel on the Y-Axis.  Our kit not only provides the additional Y-Axis travel, but repositions the spindle to take advantage of the additional travel.

If the Taig Mini-Mill has over 1" of additional travel on the Y-Axis, why limit the kit to 3/4"?

The Y-Axis travel can be extended as much as 1-1/4".  However 2 problems arise when extending the travel this distance.  First, the Y-Axis ways may be stressed beyond their design limits when using the additional travel. Second, offsetting the Z-Axis spindle mount by this amount introduces additional stress on the Z-Axis column and, in some cases (cutting aluminum, etc.) introduces additional chatter..  This being said, if you are milling only light materials (wax, soft plastics, printed circuit boards, etc.), we can provide a 1" or 1-1/4" extension kit at a slight extra cost.

15 pages of detailed instructions and 19 diagrams and photos.

Our kit is designed to be installed by a person with minimal experience in milling machine modifications and maintenance.  Primary installation can usually be accomplished in less than 1 hour.  Time needed for column and spindle head alignment is dependent upon the tools used and the skill of the installer.

We provide what is not commonly disseminated, the correct, detailed instructions for aligning the Taig Mini-Mill spindle head accurately.

Most instructions show "tramming" as the correct way of aligning the Taig Mini-Mill spindle head.  Others show the use of a precision square to align the column.  Neither method accounts for the multiple ways in which the unique design of the Taig Mini-Mill Z-Axis column and spindle head can result in misalignment.  We provide an explanation outlining why "tramming" or squares alone do not assure a properly aligned spindle We then provide the procedure for properly aligning the spindle. Spindle alignment is accomplished using simple precision tooling that should be found in every machinist's tool kit.

The alignment instructions alone can pay for the kit.

Just one part saved by the proper alignment of the spindle can more than cover the cost of this kit.  In addition, proper belt alignment can save on belt replacement costs.

Determining whether you need the 6 hole or the 8 hole version of this kit.

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