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DRO-350/DPU-550 Case Kit

DRO-350/DPU-550 Case Kit
Product Information

Now milled for both the DRO-350 and the DPU-550! Read about it here.

Do not order this case for the DRO-550!!!!  The case for the DRO-550 is located here.

This kit contains a Hammond 1599HBK enclosure constructed of Flame Retardant UL94 VO ABS plastic, with threaded brass inserts in the corner posts. 

Included are:

  • Hammond 1599HBK enclosure
  • Flame Retardant UL94 VO ABS plastic
  • Threaded brass inserts in corner posts
  • The enclosure is fully machined for the DRO-350/DPU-550 processor board and all connectors.
  • The DRO-350/DPU-550 Internal Cable Set (Refer to item DRO350ICA for a complete description.)

This kit requires a moderate level of skill in soldering. 

The only tools needed for assembly are a phillips and common screwdriver, wire cutters, solder and a soldering iron (25w or temperature controlled with fine tip is recommended).

PLEASE NOTE: If you select the "Mill Case for DRO-350 w/DPU-550" option below, the following changes will be made to your kit.

  • Your enclosure will be milled for the combination of a DRO-350 and DPU-550 Lite.
  • No DB-9 opening (DRO-350 programming port) will be machined.
  • No Programming LED (DRO-350 programming indicator) opening will be machined.
  • DPU-550 Programming Switch and USB Connector openings will be machined.
  • One additional Aux/Tach internal cable will be added (replaces DB-9 cable).
  • One additional Aux/Tach connector opening (for a total of two) will be machined

You may alter any of these items by setting the options below.

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Price: $27.99

Shipping Cost (Continental US Only)
First Item: $3.50  
Each Additional Item : $1.50  

Product Options:
# of MiniDIN Scale Openings
Add Stand-off Kit?
Mill Case for
Number of Aux/Tach Openings
RS-232 Opening

Product Code: DRO350CSK
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