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DRO-550/DRO-375 Case - Machined

DRO-550/DRO-375 Case - Machined
Product Information

Hammond 1599HBK Milled specifically for the DRO-550 & DRO-375!

Now offered with openings for Mini-USB (iGaging) scale connectors!! (See note below)

(Photos will be posted soon!)

We can now mill cases with opeings for DB-9 scale connectors! Make selection below.  These connectors are used on many glass scales..

A fully machined case for the DRO-550DRO-375 starts with the fire retardant Hammond 1599HBK case.  Machining includes front openings for LED readouts, indicator LEDs, switches and programming and reset switches.  The rear panel is machined for up to four Auxiliary/Tach connectors (stereo jack), up to 5 MiniDin connectors for scales and an opening for power connector. One end of the case is milled for the USB connector.

No other parts are included beside the case and the 4 screws which join the front and rear of the case.

IMPORTANT:  With the introduction of the Dro-550, there are numerous configurations for milling a case.  ALL Wildhorse Innovations have reliefs milled from the inside of the back cover for ALL openings for any combination of DRO-350/DPU-550/DRO-375/DRO-550.  However because the customer may or may not install certain options, we offer options for fully milling any openings you may want.  As an example, a DRO-550 can have up to 5 scales.  We will mill the case to your specifications.

Be sure to carefully review all options listed below.  Your case will be milled to the specifications you request. We can mill virtually any combination of DB-9, MiniDin and Aux/Tach openings.  If you don't see what you want, just ask.

Don't forget to order an INTERNAL CABLE KIT for your DRO-550/DRO-375!

Note: The DRO-550 Internal Cable Kit comes standard with TWO Tach/Aux cables.  If you order the Internal Cable Kit, when selecting the number of Tach/Aux openings below, select "2" unless you have a specific reason for doing otherwise.

NOTE: Wildhorse Innovations has started using an auxiliary connector (stereo jack) which requires a smaller hole than the connector listed in the BOM on the ShumaTech web site.  It is a simple process to drill the hole larger if needed.  We can provide cases with the "standard" size opening.  Select the "Larger Aux Hole" option below.

NOTE: The image shown below is reprentative. The actual DRO-550 case has a differt arraignmet of opening on the rear cover.

NOTE: Openings for iGaging scales with Mini-USB connectors are based on the Bulgin PX0443 connector (DigiKey part #708-1235-ND).  This is a "D" shaped opening and my require a small amount of hand filing due to the internal radius left by the cutting tool (we mill these openings, we do not broach them).

Be sure to order DRO-550/DRO-375 Board stand-off kit below if you need it.  This kit is necessary to mount the DRO-550/DRO-375 board in the Hammond Case


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Price: $19.99

Shipping Cost (Continental US Only)
First Item: $6.00  
Each Additional Item : $3.00  

Product Options:
# of DB-9 Scale Openings
# of MiniDIN Scale Openings
# of MiniUSB Scale Openings
Add power supply?
Add Stand-off Kit?
Number of Aux/Tach Openings
RS-232 Opening

Product Code: DRO550CM
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